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A conference from Helen Barrett on ePortfolio and Social networks

Browsing the web I found this Helen Barrett’s talk of ePortfolio. Helen Barret is presented as the grandmother of ePorfolio, and according with all the work and researches she dedicated to ePortfolios in the last 20 years, I agree with this claim.

In this 19 minutes conference extract she is speaking about students ownership and compare ePortfolios with social networks.

Interesting references are given.

You can access this here :

I unfortunately missed her talk at ePic 2011 in London a few weeks ago and regret it.

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MoodleMoot FR a commencé

Voici le stream des Tweet envoyés lors du MoodleMoot FR 2010 à Troyes

Mahoodle ! Pourquoi il ne faut pas attendre Moodle 2.0 ?

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